Tangier Fes Tour

2 days and 1 night, breakfast and lunch included


1 to 4 people - 380 €

5 to 6 people - 540 €

7 to 8 people - 700 €

2 days - 1 night

Breakfast and lunch included

Excursion to Tangier.

Discover the historical and cultural sites of the city with your guide.

From the Kasbah to the guest house via the port, your guide will show you all the corners of the city.


  • Visit of the Kasbah soul of Tangier: the Kasbah, a district of ancient palaces, is above the port and the city by its heights. You can also discover prehistoric and ancient remains of Tangier
  • Visit of the guest house (ex Forbes museum) transformed by Malcom Forbes into a museum that attracted crowds passionate about contemporary history, today it is the official palace of the distinguished guests passing through Tangier
  • Visit of Dar El Mekhzen: Museum of Moroccan arts in Tangier. It houses a rich collection of Moroccan craftsmanship
  • Taste at Café El Hafa: It has been in existence since the 1920s. This unique café has seen the influx of several stars including: the Beatles, Randy Weston, Sean Connery… they all came by to enjoy a very good mint tea
  • Visit of the big and small Socco: The big Socco (from Spanish which means souk) is located at the entrance of the Medina. It is the busiest place in the city. As for the small Socco: there is a large mosque built in the 18th century on the ruins of an old Portuguese cathedral
  • Visit to the United States Legation: this is the first American historical monument outside the United States. It is a small palace, located in the heart of the Kasbah, offered in 1821 by Sultan Moulay Sulaiman to the fifth President of the United States, James Monroe
  • Port visit: first national port for passenger traffic and international road transport
    You can also visit the Hercules caves if you wish: Located 10 Kms from Tangier, they are natural caves where according to Greek mythology, Hercules left to rest after the realization of his exploits


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