Fez Taza Tour

A day to discover Taza, its park and caves


1 to 4 people - 160 €

5 to 6 people - 240 €

7 to 8 people - 320 €

1 day

Lunch in addition (from 13 € per person)

After breakfast, pack your bags and join us for this exclusive day trip to Taza and the nearby caves of Friouato.

Taza is a beautiful city with a very important historical background, located about 120 km from Fez, the road is absolutely incredible escorted by breathtaking views.


  • After visiting Taza, we will drive 30 km south of the city for an adventurous visit to Friouato, the largest underground cave system in North Africa.
  • Thanks to its natural characteristics, this destination has become more and more famous for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Go down to discover the exceptional examples of stalagmites and stalactites inside and discover the hidden beyond the long points that have grown from the roof for many years
  • At the end of this eventful experience, we will return to the city of Fez


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